Benefits of The New Torc Spica Cast System

Benefits of The New Torc Spica Cast System

  • Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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The new TORC spica cast system will be developed to offer the following 12 point list of very real benefits – not least of which will be the ability to easily change the fit to accommodate patient growth in an out-patient or clinic environment without the need for general anaesthesia.

1. Lightweight – easier for parents to lift and care for their baby.

2. No requirement for the use of anaesthesia in subsequent adjustments for growth.

3. Safely and easily applied, readjusted or removed without any cutting tools.

4. Optional splay adjustment using graduated bar fitment.

5. Can be re-used many times on the same patient or sterilised for multi-patient use.

6. Water resistant to allow bathing and improved personal hygiene.

7. Improved comfort with impact dampening for protection against accidental knocks.

8. Optional embedded sensor capability for:-

a. Temperature monitoring for infection alerts.

b. Pressure monitoring for swelling and tightness alerts.

c. Circulation monitoring for blood flow alerts.

9. In-built wireless communication option enabling remote monitoring of sensory data.

10. Alert system option for early warning of out of limit sensor readings.

11. Optional embedded skin and muscle stimulation to assist healing processes and maintain skin and muscle tone.

12. Anti-microbial contact surfaces for reducing the risk of infection.

We believe that these benefits will also be of great importance in the developing world where access to an operating theatre can be difficult and costly and which often results in surgery not being performed – leading to extreme hip pain and severe long term walking difficulties.

Do you understand how many children suffer from Hip Dysplasia – take a look at this short video ……