Introducing The Brand New Steps_Charity Magazine

Introducing The Brand New Steps_Charity Magazine

Just launched is the new version of the Steps_Charity magazine. With almost 24,000 youngsters born each year in the UK with hip dysplasia, nearly 1,000 with clubfoot / talipes and over 150 with a lower limb deficiency, STEPS Charity gives essential support and information to individuals and families.

STEPS provides the only national telephone helpline, a family contacts register, professionals database, publications and a very active online forum.

When a family learns a loved one is affected by hip dysplasia, clubfoot or other lower limb condition, STEPS helps answer the questions Mums and Dads often ask:

• What is it?
• What are the treatment options?
• What are the long term outcomes?
• Who can I talk to?

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Steps Charity

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Tim McLachlan, Chief Executive of STEPS, said:
We are very grateful to Torc2 for helping to sponsor our new magazine. We are inspired by It features individual sections on hip dysplasia, clubfoot and lower limb conditions and please look out for the personal stories including Sky News Presenter Paula Middlehurst’s story on page 10 about her son James having his foot amputated.

You can request a printed copy of the magazine by emailing and we welcome you to share our website and national telephone helpline – 01925 750271 with anyone affected by hip dysplasia, clubfoot or other lower limb conditions.

He also said

STEPS is very pleased to endorse and back the development of the Torc system spica cast because three of its benefits are of real concern to parents of children affected by Hip Dysplasia. We receive many calls about how to care for a child in a hip spica cast and especially the hygiene and bathing issues.

The Torc system spica is water resistant so this would be very helpful. The improved comfort and impact dampening for protection will assist with young children when they are in nursery, travelling and at home – especially when there are older siblings.

Perhaps of greatest help will be that the Torc system spica cast will be lightweight making it much easier for parents to lift and care for their baby. We are very pleased to advocate the development of this system for the benefit of parents and their children.