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Caitlin Eaton’s Hip Dysplasia Story

Caitlin Eaton’s Hip Dysplasia Story

  • Posted: May 03, 2014
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Today we are posting  a story about Caitlin Eaton which her mother Tina has been kind enough to share with you all . Here is what she says….

“When Caitlin was 13 months old she took her first steps and started walking on Christmas Day 2011. We thought this was an exciting day for her . Her first steps on Christmas Day. She was a very unsteady walker always falling. It wasn’t normal falling more like just collapsing. By the time February came she was 13 months and noticed she threw her legs to walk more than walk normal. Like a duck as people would say.

I started to feel people we’re starting to laugh at her walk as they would say she wobbles like a weeble. I don’t know what made me do it I lay her down and checked to see if her legs were the same length. To me the knees didn’t match and about an inch different.

I took her to my health visitor and she had a look and told me she was fine and she would walk better as she got older as she hadn’t been walking for that long. I wasn’t happy with that answer so told the HV that Caitlin’s father had hip problems (which he did have but was a military injury, but didn’t tell her that bit). She straight away told me to get to the doctor and she would tell the surgery I had seen her and she had advised me to come.

Caitins Story Caitlin, Hip Dysplasia

I managed to get an appointment that day for the doctor but he wanted to see her for a through appointment so booked us in for a double one in the following two days.  We went back but Caitlin wasn’t having any of it and wouldn’t let the dr measure her.  I showed him what I though and he agreed with me and said to send her to the professional as he could test her better.

We managed to get an appointment for the end of March at Derriford hospital under Mr Holroyd.  We went up and was seen straight away.  He asked Caitlin to see her legs and she complied with him.  He did his checks and asked for an X-ray of her hips.  This was done straight away and we went back up to see him.  Mr Holroyd was so kind.  He explained that Caitlin had bilateral DDH and had no sockets at all. “

Thank you, we hope that Tina will keep us up to date with little Caitlin’s progress.

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Silent Courage, The Story Of One Very Brave Lady

Silent Courage, The Story Of One Very Brave Lady

  • Posted: May 02, 2014
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An article by Chris Stuckenschneider, book editor at ww.emissourian.com talks about the fact that living with agonizing pain was commonplace for Washington author and watercolor artist Mary Byrne Eigel. Born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, her condition wasn’t diagnosed until she was in her twenties.

Silent Courage

 Because of this she has now written a book that  tells of her triumph over pain in her “Silent Courage, My Lifelong Journey Through Pain to Wellness,” just published and available in paperback at Amazon or as an e-book on Kindle.

For your copy just click on the link


According to Chris’s overview, readers can expect a one-sitting read that flows, replete with a descriptive and poetic voice, a book that will elicit empathy for the sad times Eigel endured as a child, a girl not able to sit crisscross with the rest of her classmates, a child kept in the dark at a time when many parents lived by a “don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel” philosophy. 

Mary Eigel,Silent

Of special interest to those seeking answers, and alternative treatment for ongoing pain, “Silent Courage” is one woman’s testament to persistence and faith. Sharing her story took immense courage and is sure to inspire others.

As an accomplished artist and part-time teacher she also painted the lovely watercolour cover of “Silent Courage.”

Prints of the cover can be purchased with a portion of the sales going to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

For more information just click on the picture for the link to her website….

Mary eigel, Silent

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