Introduction To Torc2

Introduction To Torc2

  • Posted: Apr 09, 2014
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Torc2 Ltd is a  U.K. based Company run by a small team of passionate individuals whose collective expertise is being harnessed to develop a range of medical splinting devices that offer many advantages over current systems in use worldwide.

Developed in collaboration with local Universities and Orthopaedic Specialists, the Torc2 System was initially conceived  to provide an easy to shape AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthotic) device with improvements in comfort, accuracy of fit and speed of adjustment, and was the top item on a wish list presented by our Medical advisors. Now in the Prototype manufacturing stages the AFO is soon to be tested to its limits in pre-clinical trials.

The next item high on the wish list was the development of an alternative to the notorious Spica cast treatment used to maintain a splayed  leg arrangement following  surgery to correct hip dysplasia  in newborns and young infantsIn order to best understand the Spica cast treatment please see the attached images  and read Caitlin’s Story

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