Hi everyone I wanted to share my story as I know many of on will be feeling exactly how I did, constant worry for your little one and nervous about procedures not working and how they adapt in cast / brace!

Well my baby girl had closed reduction at 8 half months due to a fully dislocated left hip with no formed socket! It was detected at her 6 week scan due to being breech.

Her pavlik harness failed and her consultant made the decision to wait a while to do closed reduction. The procedure went ahead on 31st march this year and I admit I was so upset crying all the time! She was put into a hip spica and the first few days were hard! However by day 3 we both adapted she did amazing and started to drag herself around and was her usual self she just accepted it didn’t come off and became her norm!Dawn Downes Daughter

After 6 weeks she had an xray and cast change and all seemed to be ok still in place! After 12 weeks the cast came off and another xrayed confirmed the ligaments were tight holding it into place but would need the brace. She wore he brace full time apart from nappy changing and baths! She learnt to stand in the brace and tried cruising around furniture! She became he biggest climber!

Dawn Downes Daughter

After 7 half weeks in brace she had an Xray and confirmed the procedure had worked and it is still in place! Her consultant said she can be out full time so as from yesterday she is cast and brace free! The socket still isn’t formed but he said it will form on it’s own over the next couple of years the main things is her hip is still in place! I am so nervous about her walking now she is 13 months and stands and falls all the time but thankful we are hopefully on the right track now!

Dawn Downes Daughter

She will be xrayed every 3 months to check progress! Stay strong people I never thought closed reduction would work for a full dislocation but feel so lucky now it has! (From 8 half months – 13 months in total) 

Dawn Downes x