Cerebral Palsy, Talipes, Hip Dysplasia, Lower Limb Amputation!

Do you know anyone who suffers or who has suffered from any of the above?

We at torc2 Ltd are working to bring about positive change in the treatment of these conditions with a range of bespoke devices produced using our unique torc material.

What is so unique about the torc material?

This innovative thermoplastics compound has the property to be thermally moulded and re-shaped where required at a temperature comfortable for skin contact, but which is a semi-rigid rubberlike solid at body temperatures. This property when applied to splint, cast, and prosthetic socket liner production by the latest additive layer manufacturing techniques allows for the creation of bespoke devices offering real benefits in delivery time, accuracy, comfort and ease of adjustment. The material has been developed to use an embedded heat source with thermostatic protection to ensure complete patient safety during re-shaping. Also sensors, communication chips, and additives including anti-microbial formulations can be incorporated into the material where required.

In recognition of the unique qualities of the material torc2 Ltd received confirmation in June 2020 from the European Patent Office of Intention to Grant their European Patent Application No. 15711558.5 based on PCT/GB2015/050340 Thermoplastic Article Torc2 Ltd.

Why do we need your help at this point?

Because after more than 5 years developing the material, and successfully proving out a laboratory modified prototype 3D printing process we now need fund the manufacture of a large scale fully integrated system able to accommodate the dimensions of full-sized devices such as Ankle Foot Orthoses.

What do we need to make this happen? 

We need to raise 150k that will enable the Company to produce a range of fully developed and tested devices, such as Ankle Foot Orthosis, Hip Spica Suit, and Prosthetic Socket Liner ensuring that they are clinical trial ready within the next 12 months


Together we will bring about change …….

The new torc system will tick all the boxes


“I have been working with these guys since 2014 when they approached me for my advice as many of you know I have a daughter with Hip Dysplasia 

They have put so much hard work and passion and often self sacrifice  to reach the situation they are in today, especially having just received notification of being granted their European Patent for torc2 medical devices 

They are now in a position to start putting processes in place and with your help this will  become achievable

I would really hope you will share this with your friends and family, which will result in them achieving their goals and in turn help adults and children with lower limb conditions “

Claire Bradwel

Together we will bring about a positive change