Do you find walking easy? Well it isn’t for some and this includes children with Hip Dysplasia 

Imagine being a parent watching your precious child having to experience the trauma of being operated on many times to have their Spica Cast cut off and replaced while they undergo treatment for the condition.

Torc2 are working on a new system which will alleviate the requirement to have continual operations………but to do this we need help to raise the funds to produce prototypes and carry out pre-clinical trials.

Just take a look at this video to see what Addie went through having the final cast cut off……

You can see that she has experienced 5 operations and then the final removal. Imagine what she must be thinking and the fear experienced !! Fortunately for Addie this is the last time, as her treatment has been successful. However if it hadn’t then she would have to go through an operation to replace a new one with the added risk of anaethestic.

With our system they will not have to go through this but we need YOUR help to achieve this through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.