Today I came across a great blog produced by a lady, Jane Blackmore, whose daughter was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia a few years ago.

She follows her lovely daughter’s  journey with her blog, NorthernMumwhich is serious but humourous in parts and sad in others.


Here is snippet from an article called Legacy of DDH – How Things Change

“I remember the days leading up to BB’s official diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia with a clarity that is often remiss in my memory bank.  Google had already spelled out our daughters condition before we even saw the specialist.  With her clear leg length difference, her inability to flex, and uneven creases in her buttocks, it was clear she was a toddler with all the symptoms of DDH.

I recall walking around with a poker face, sharing what I had read online, tasting new words like spica and osteotomy on my tongue.  I remember inside burning with worry, fear and sparks of anger.

My anguish was selfish as well.   One day the facade broke and I stumbled into the arms of my oldest brother and sobbed out…

“How will I cope if she is in cast for months.”

God, I was terrified.

Looking back I remember crying every time she did her wobbly walk before the surgeon corrected her stance.  I remember trying to be strong but being so flipping furious inside.

But this was all a long time ago, and time has changed things.

We survived cast, she learnt to walk again and we no longer take anything physical for granted.  DDH, although an unwanted house guest, has left an unexpected legacy in our home.  It makes us relish the little things.  Every step she takes imprints on my heart, every leap with her little legs lights up an otherwise ordinary day.

And when she runs, my eyes threaten to betray me as they shine with tears”

View source for the rest of this article and the many others that could help other mothers in her same situation 


I do also love her line “I was so busy being a BOTTOM*-  bugger off to the office mummy”- brilliant !

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