Press Release Thursday 8th October 2020

torc2 Ltd, run by a small team of passionate individuals, based at the Sir Frank Whittle Centre, Rugby need to raise £200k** to bring about change to the treatment for children with severe walking difficulties and enable them to live a full and active life.

These funds will be used to fully develop the digital manufacturing system needed to produce more comfortable, durable, cost effective orthotic devices in child friendly colours in a matter of days, not weeks, using the company’s recently patented unique 3D printable torc material.

This innovative thermoplastic compound (torc) has the property to be thermally moulded and re-shaped where required at a temperature comfortable for skin contact, but which is a semi-rigid rubberlike solid at body temperatures.

Applying the latest additive layer manufacturing techniques for the production of splints, casts, and prosthetic socket liners allows for the creation of bespoke devices offering real benefits in delivery time, accuracy, comfort and ease of adjustment.

The torc material has been developed to incorporate an embedded heat source with thermostatic protection to ensure complete patient safety during re-shaping. Also sensors, communication chips, and additives including anti-microbial formulations can be incorporated into the material where required.

For more information on torc material, European Patent, and support network please see **

Interested in helping us with the way forward ? Please call Gary Blundell on 07859929351 or 01788226037.