As one of our team is an ardent supporter of Scope, because of his daughter’s Hip Dysplasia,  we wanted to share this campaign which he was informed about today.

“Let’s End The Awkward Campaign”

Disabled people and their families tell Scope that people’s negative attitudes have a huge impact on their lives. It’s really important that they tackle this issue.

Their survey showed that two thirds of us can feel uncomfortable around disabled people and that younger people are twice as likely to have negative attitudes. To reach this younger audience we’re using comedy to highlight the awkwardness that people feel and ways to deal with it.

The campaign touches on a serious issue – the way our society treats disabled people. Attitudes are changing, but they still have a long way to go.

• Many disabled people have been discriminated against or verbally abused
• Disabled people’s living standards tend to be lower and it’s linked to the attitudes they face

Please find below the following films and hopefully it will help them to get people to start to think differently and begin to change attitudes.


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