“I am sure there are many people in the world thinking to themselves why should we support your campaign on Indiegogo, surely this type of product should be funded by health services”

In an ideal world maybe this should be the case, but unfortunately it isn’t. Many products are brought to the notice of the powers that be in the medical world once they have been proven.

Work on developing the Torc2 system, which can be used in connection with treatment for many limb abnormalities, started a couple of years ago. However over the past six months momentum for the system has built up following in depth meetings with a leading Medical School and various Orthotists and Orthopaedic Specialists based in the UK and across the world

Prototypes for a couple of products are being worked on at the moment, but during these meetings came the awareness that the Torc2 system could be used in Spica Cast treatment to reduce the trauma and distress for both children and parents.

To date the project has been funded by the co- founders, an investor and together with innovation grants we have managed to get to stage one.

To be able to produce the prototypes and carry out pre-clinical trials for the Torc2 Spica Cast, we need to reach out to the general public to raise the necessary funds via the crowd funding route, Indiegogo– see our pitch for further information.

With anything from 2-4 in every 1,000 children having Hip Dysplasia (In fact well over a million year will be born with this over the next four years) we are sure that most of you will have come across a little one with this terrible condition. The treatment is to be fitted with a Spica Cast which has to be cut off and replaced as they grow. This results in the child going through the trauma and distress of continual operations  which could be as many as five or six times until the condition is rectified. Together with this is the added anquish for the parents about the risks associated with repeated anaesthesia.

The existing process has seen little change in the last twenty years, since one of the partners in Torc2 experienced it with his daughter Caitlin.  However we think it can be changed for the better ………. with your help!

So I am hoping you will give us your support. Any amount you can spare will make a difference and we would really appreciate it if you can tell your family, friends and colleagues about our campaign.

You could also be the person to name the new Torc2 Spica Cast System.

If you can help, please click on the link and let me be the first to say Thank You from the team at Torc2.